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Adidas 'Showdown' 2022 Boots Pack Released - No Copa Included

Adidas today released a new football boot collection, the "Showdown Pack". It is set to be worn by select players for the 2022 European finals and by all Adidas athletes in the UEFA Euro 2022 Women's.

The Adidas 'Showdown' Pack was originally known as "Impossible Dream" or "Euro Dream". It has been renamed Showdown.

Benzema already debuted the Adidas X Speedflow from the collection.

Adidas Showdown Pack - European Finals & 2022 Women's Euro

The Adidas Showdown pack introduces designs that fit the trophy season - they combine off-white, red, and black with gold detailing.

Unfortunately, the Adidas Showdown pack does not include a Copa Sense. This is because it is mainly a Women's collection and those do only include Predators and Xs.

Adidas Predator Edge 'Showdown' - Off White/Vivid Red/Gold Metallic

The Adidas 'Showdown' Predator Edge boots have a classy design in off-white, red, and gold metallic. It is our favorite colorway of the Predator Edge so far.

Adidas X Speedflow 'Showdown' Boots

The Adidas 'Showdown' X Speedflow football boots have a stunning design. They combine a red base with gold metallic logos and black for the Primeknit collar.

The Adidas Showdown pack launched on 19 May 2022.

Do you like the Adidas Showdown pack? Would you have liked Adidas to also include a Copa? Comment below.