Arsenal 22-23 Home Kit Prototype vs Final

The Adidas Arsenal 2022-2023 home kit could have looked a little bit different... Thanks to @GOB4949 for making us aware.

Arsenal 22-23 Home Shirt Prototype - White Button Instead Of Red Button

The Adidas Arsenal 22-23 home shirt was originally supposed to have a white button. This can be seen on official Adidas images that we have found online.

Adidas photoshopped the pictures

Indeed, the current store pictures of the Arsenal 22-23 home kit are photoshopped - the white button was made red, as visible on closer inspection.

All other elements of the Arsenal prototype are the same as for the final kit.

Various stores still have the wrong pictures

Several stores are using pictures with the wrong-colored white button, including Unisportstore and 11teamsports.

Arsenal 22-23 Home Kit Released

What do you think of this scrapped version of Arsenal's new home shirt? Which version of the home kit do you prefer? Comment below.