"Fans Want More": These Are Not the USA 2022 World Cup Kits

Images have been circulating online showing the purported USA 2022 World Cup kits, however the shirts in these photos are knockoffs produced by counterfeiters, based on FootyHeadlines' predictions of the real shirts.

Stars and Stripes, the largest blog for the US Soccer national teams, have reported about the "rumored" kits.

Fake USA 2022 World Cup Kits

Below are the photos of the fake kits.

Upon seeing what they believed could be the real kits, many fans expressed their disappointment at the plain designs on Twitter. Although the colours are the same as we predict to see worn at the Workd Cup and some elements of the design match up correctly to our expectations of the what the real shirts will look like, there are some tell-tale signs that these kits are counterfeits, which will be good news to the fans, judging by their reactions.

FootyHeadlines USA kit mockups made in 2021

First of all, the seam running across the top of the torso should be perfectly rounded and pass cleanly below the collar, rather than the almost diagonal stitching seen here that runs into the neckline.

The colours are correct, but many other elements of the kits confirm that they are fake.The swoosh is also present in its usual position in the photos, which will not be the case for the real jerseys, as there will be one positioned on each sleeve while the right side of the chest will remain logo-free.

The knit pattern visible on Liverpool's 21-22 home shirt and the collar cutaway from Barcelona's 20-21 jersey

Finally, and perhaps most telling of all, the knit pattern used is from Nike's 21-22 template. We used this in our mock-up as there was no information on the new pattern at the time of making it. The small cutaway at the back of the collar is also an outdated feature that will not be present on the new kit.

USA 2022 (World Cup) Home Kit Info Leaked - Swooshes On Both Sleeves?

What do you think of their efforts to produce believable kits? Let us know in the comments.