FAKE: This Is Not The Netherlands 2022 World Cup Kit

Update: A cheap fake just went viral on Twitter again, and it is definitely not the real Netherlands 2022 World Cup kit. Check it out below.

We have been sent images of the alleged Netherlands 2022 World Cup home kit...

The pictured Netherlands 2022 home jersey is being sold on a Dutch marketplace and on various websites selling counterfeits. It has been available since mid-late April 2022 on websites selling counterfeits.

99% Fake: Netherlands 2022-2023 Home Jersey

What is certain is that this Netherlands 2022 kit is a counterfeit. One clear indicator is the Dri-Fit ADV logo, which will feature on the back and not on the front of Nike's 22-23 & 2022 World Cup authentic kits.

The actual Netherlands World Cup home kit will feature a different orangeThe fake Nike Netherlands 2022 home jersey comes with a stunning all-over graphic design inspired by the federation crest.

Netherlands 2022 Home Jersey

The Nike Holland 2022 shirt features a very different shade of orange than previous Nike home shorts - the Nike Netherlands 2022 home jersey is "Laser Orange", which is a very yellow-orange color.

Leaked: Netherlands 2022 World Cup Home Kit to Feature Uncommon Color

What makes us 99% sure that it is a fake with a fantasy design are the colors - the actual Holland 2022 World Cup home kit is "Laser Orange".

More Fakes with similar design schemes are available as wellThe kit also includes the letters KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association - Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond) - We are pretty sure that this is forbidden by current FIFA kit rules.

On the counterfeit websites, there are various other 2022 Nike national team kit fakes with a similar design concept available (e.g. Netherlands away, Brazil home and away). All these are fakes as well.

Stay tuned as we hope to be able to leak the first actual pictures of the Netherlands 2022 home strip soon - it likely will be launched in September 2022.

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