Ukraine 2022 Special Kits Released

Ukraine's new 2022 special shirts were released today. They are made by Joma and will be worn in the friendlies before Ukraine's World Cup play-off match.

Ukraine 2022 Special Shirt

These are the new Joma Ukraine special jerseys for 2022.

The Joma Ukraine 2022 special shirts are based on the regular 2020 kits, which were not worn at the Euros. They now come with special prints, most noteably the one on the front, depicting Ukraine's borders made up of countries' flags who support them.

Inside the borders the message "United for Ukraine" is written in blue on yellow and yellow on blue.

Coincidentally, Joma had already released new Ukraine kits for the 2020 Euros, which in their original form caused controversy since they featured the outline of their borders, something Russia heavily criticized.

Russia Criticizes New Ukraine Euro 2020 Kits - UEFA Approved Kit, Just as All Other Teams

What is also unique about these kits are the player numbers, which consist of many Ukrainian town and city names.

The new special shirts' purpose is to promote president Zelensky's United24 (U24) campaign, where money is being raised in an effort to restore Ukraine.

The special kits are limited edition and will be worn only in friendly matches preceding the upcoming World Cup play-offs in June. Some of the shirts will go to the mentioned towns, with the rest being auctioned off for United24.

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