What Is the Actual Color of the Real Madrid 22-23 Away Kit?

The new Real Madrid 2022-2023 away kit won't be released before June/July 2022. Various different images were already leaked - they all seem to have a different purple color...

"Light Purple": Color of Real Madrid 22-23 Away Kit Looks Different On Every Picture

The Real Madrid CF 22-23 away kit is "Light Purple". Light Purple is the same purple used for the Real Madrid 22-23 home kit. The color itself is a rather pale, light purple.

Light purple is also used for the home kitAll of the leaked images show off the official Adidas product but the purple looks different on them. The close-ups, for example, are too pale mostly.

Light Purple is no new color for Adidas products. The same color tone has been used for various different items but it is a first for football kits.

Adidas use Night Navy for the logos and graphic detailing. Night navy is a very dark navy that almost looks like black.

Real Madrid won't wear the kit oftenCompared to the purple Nike FC Barcelona 21-22 away kit, the purple color of the Real Madrid away kit is darker.

It remains to be seen how often and in which matches Real Madrid will actually wear the Light Purple kit. It won't be worn against light (white) home teams, and the white home offers better contrast than the away kit in most matches. Meanwhile, the black third kit offers a perfect contrast to the white home and light purple away.

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