Puma Milan 21-22 Fourth Kit Voted Worst Kit of April 2022

Update: The voting for the Worst Kit of April 2022 has ended on Sunday, May 15. Milan's 21-22 fourth kit is your worst kit of April 2022, ahead of Juventus. The Adidas Valerenga 2022 away kit comes third but with a huge margin to Juventus and Milan.

Worst Kit Of April 2022 - Results

April 2022 brought us unexpectedly many new kits, including some great but also some lame and bad kits. Let us find out which was the worst...

Footy Headlines Worst Kit of April 2022

The most hated kits of April 2022 and certainly 2022 so far have been the AC Milan and Juventus fourth kits. Both were not liked by many - they are rated with a very low 2.2 of 5 (Milan) and 2.6 of 5 (Juventus) on Football Kit Archive.

Other kits we did not like were Adidas' UEFA Women's 2022 kits (based on old templates and same design for all), the uninspired Nike Norway 2022 home as well as some generic teamwear-based releases.

Voting for the worst kit for April 2022 will end on Sunday, April 15.

Which was the worst kit of April 2022? Comment below, and leave your vote.