Custom-Made Adidas x Balenciaga Predator Mania - Certainly No Official Launch By Adidas/Balenciaga Coming

Update: The Shoe Surgeon has shared pictures of his finished adidas Predator Mania x Balenciaga sneaker. It appears unlikely that Adidas x Balenciaga will release a similar product in the near future. The sneaker customizer might make a few pairs available to buy for public.

L.A.-based custom sneaker designer @thesurgeon has posted images and a video of an Adidas x Balenciaga Predator Mania hybrid shoe. Will Adidas x Balenciaga release similar shoes for the public?

The SG studs would have been removable

Adidas x Balenciaga Predator Mania Shoes By @thesurgeon

The custom sneaker designer took a pair of the recently released Adidas Predator Mania SG 2022 remake boots, grinned down the sole plate, and added a Balenciaga sole underneath.

There likely won't be an official Adidas x Balenciaga release of themStrangely, @thesurgeon seems to have forgotten that the SG studs of the Adidas Predator Mania cleats are removable.

It is not known yet if Adidas x Balenciaga will release these shoes or if there will be only a few custom-manufactured pairs available. If available via Adidas/Balenciaga, we expect them to retail at around 1,100 USD, like a similar Adidas x Balenciaga shoe released some weeks ago.

Adidas replied with some eye Emojis, indicating that they could release a similar shoe

As of now, it is most likely just a project of @thesurgeon, meaning that there won't be an official Adidas x Balenciaga Mania.

Adidas x Balenciaga Predator Mania - Features

  • Custom creation of @thesurgeon
  • Predator Mania merged with Balenciaga sole
  • K-leather upper with rubber gussets in the vamp
  • Fold-over tongue
  • Balenciaga outsole
  • Price: likely more than 1000 Euro is available
  • Release date: Fall 2022

Inspired by Liverpool 2008-10 Kit: Official Adidas Balenciaga Jersey Released

What do you think of deconstructing a brand-new pair of Predator Mania cleats to create a sneaker? Do you look forward to the Adidas x Balenciaga sneakers? Comment below.