Aldershot Town 22-23 Home, Away, Third & Goalkeeper Kits Released

Update: Aldershot just unveiled the club's new third shirt which means that their kit set for the next season is complete. Check it out below.

Aldershot Town 22-23 Home Kit
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Aldershot Town's new 2022-2023 home, away and goalkeeper jerseys were released a few days ago. They are made by Errea and will be worn in next season's National League campaign.

Interestingly, the club's new goalkeeper shirts come with unique graphic patterns that resemble the patterns on bus seats. The last time a club tried to imitate this appearance was Arsenal with their 'Transport for London' collection.

Aldershot Town 22-23 Home Kit

This is the new Errea Aldershot Town home jersey for 2022-23.

Paying homage to the club's first ever football shirt, the Errea Aldershot Town 2022-23 home jersey combines the club's traditional main color red with a blue polo collar. Blue sleeve cuffs with a neat '1992-2022' detail as well as the names of club supporters on the body round off the classy look.

Aldershot Town 22-23 Away Kit

Check out Errea's Aldershot Town 22-23 away shirt below.

Mainly white, the Erreà Aldershot Town 2022-23 away football shirt comes with red sleeve cuffs, a red & blue V-neck as well as a red / blue / red chevron on the chest.

Aldershot Town 22-23 Goalkeeper Kit

This is the Aldershot Town 22-23 goalkeeper shirt, made by Errea.

There are 2 different versions of the Errea Aldershot Town 2022-23 goalkeeper football shirt: the first option combines a green base colour with a green & purple graphic pattern reminiscent of bus seats. The goalkeeper away jersey is purple with a black / yellow graphic pattern and black applications suck as the crew-neck collar or sleeve cuffs.

Aldershot Town 22-23 Third Kit

This is the new Erreà Aldershot Town third jersey for 22-23.

Mainly yellow, the Erreà Aldershot Town 2022-2023 third shirt combines this vibrant base colour with black raglan sleeves and a black V-neck with a yellow insert at the front.

Black logos, including a black / silver rendition of the club's crest on the left chest, round off the look of the Errea Aldershot Town 22-23 third jersey.

The Errea Aldershot Town 2022-23 home, away, third and goalkeeper football shirts are available since July 15, retailing at £50.

Aldershot Town 22-23 Home Kit
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