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Aston Villa to Change Club Crest

Aston Villa have announced that they will be changing their club crest and that the fans will be consulted on the process. A detailed and informative page has been created on their website explaining the reasons behind the change and how it will play out.

Aston Villa to Change Crest

As we all know, clubs changing their crests is a regular occurrence in football these days. Some changes work out well, while others cause outrage among fans. Villa are doing what hey can to avoid the latter, by inviting supporters to join the Fan Consultation Group so they can have some input on the new crest.

"An important part of this dialogue will be conversations with our Fans Consultation Group. It’s your club and your voice matters in this review. Together, we will find a way of looking at our best for the future whilst respecting our traditions, achievements and DNA."

The club are taking a very measured approach to the change, first of all by announcing it well in advance and their intentions to include the fans in the task, then by refusing to rush things, stating that the new badge "is not something you can expect to see in the 2022/23 season."

They have also stated that public polls will not be part of the process, but they will nonetheless "ensure that fan voices are present at important decision-making steps."

"We want to examine elements including the crest’s shape, the way we showcase our unique name and how we use our colours as powerfully as possible to represent our modern-day club with such a rich heritage."

Roundel badges used by the club throughout their history.

The possibility of a roundel badge is explicitly mentioned by the club on their website and is something they wore in the past, lifting the European Cup in 1982 with it on their shirt. Roundel badges are also very much on trend when it comes to making these sorts of changes. It would not be very surprising to see something inspired by their old badge but with some modernisation elements.

Aston Villa crest history.

They have been using their current badge since 2016, when they slightly tweaked the crest that had been redesigned in 2008, which itself had only been updated one year previously.

Would you like to see more clubs announce such changes in advance and include the fans in the process as Villa are doing? How do you think their new badge will look? Comment below.