Confusing: Barcelona 22-23 Kit Is Being Sold With & Without Spotify Logo

The FC Barcelona 2022-2023 home kit has been officially launched. Now it seems to become clear that you get the Barcelona 2022-23 home kit without a sponsor and with the Spotify logo, depending on different aspects like your location.

There is no Spotify logo on the kits in the United States

Nike Sell Kit With Sponsor Logo in Europe And Without Outside Europe

The Barcelona kit is being sold with the Spotify logo in the club's official store.

FC Barcelona are only selling kits with the Spotify logo on them. Meanwhile, independent retailers appear to have the kit without the Spotify logo. This can be seen thanks to an in-store image from an independent US retailer.

Meanwhile, Nike are selling the kit with and without the Spotify logo depending on your location. In Europe, they have the Spotify logo on them (the product images are photoshopped, however). In the the USA, Brazil, Indonesia and all other countries outside Europe, the Barcelona 22-23 home kit is sponsor-free.

Are Nike/Barcelona applying the logo in Europe afterward?It seems like Nike and FC Barcelona are applying the Spotify logo afterward on the kits in Europe. They certainly have been shipped sponsorless.

Independent retailers are actually not allowed to sell the new FC Barcelona 2022-2023 home kit yet. It might get even more complicated.

It remains to be seen if Nike will produce a new batch of Barcelona kits with the Spotify logo already applied.

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