Tremendous Nike England 2022 World Cup Collection Leaked

Some pieces from England's 2022 World Cup lifestyle collection have been leaked and they are not like anything we've seen before. Thanks to Ofoball for the photos.

England 2022 World Cup Home Kit Leaked

Nike England 2022 World Cup Lifestyle Collection

The Nike England 2022 lifestyle collection boasts one-of-a-kind designs that are totally different from traditional off-pitch football items.

Nike England Jacket

The first and most standard of the three items can be seen above. It is a navy track top with an abstract blue and red pattern on the sleeves, while the Nike logo and England badge are coloured light blue. Not too dissimilar from Nike's N98 track jackets that evolved regularly but maintained a rather classic design. The pattern here is obviously a little more out there than most N98 jackets, but it's nothing compared to the other leaked pieces.

Nike England Cardigan

Cardigans are not a typical football garment, so this is quite a surprise inclusion in the collection, and could well be the first time Nike have produced a cardigan for their one of their national teams. It features a new diamond-shaped "3 Lions" logo, placed above the swoosh on the left hand side of the chest. An enlarged version of the text from this logo is used as a pattern for the right hand side of the cardigan, while the left has a similar blue and red graphic to the one used on the track jacket, all on a navy base.

Nike England "Heavy Metal" Hoodie

The graphic used on this black hoodie is certainly not something we are accustomed to seeing on football gear, and sees the Three Lions reimagined as demonic-looking creatures with glowing red eyes, surrounded by bones, roses and topped with a crown. England text is written across the top in an electric shade of blue.

The front of the hoodie is rather simple.

This graphic has surely been inspired by heavy metal and hard rock band t-shirts from the 80s. This style, pioneered by the bands such as Metallica, saw a resurgence in popularity in the last decade or so, with he likes of Kanye West, Travis Scott and Justin Bieber releasing merchandise bearing the same aesthetic.

Nike England Vest

The Nike England 2022 World Cup collection launches in September 2022.

What do you think of Nike's fashion-inspired collection for the England national team?