Hundreds of Fake Premier League Shirts Seized in Thailand

Thailand's police force recently had a successful raid as they searched a vacant apartment for fake items. This case is only the tip of the iceberg regarding fake football shirts as the demand for football jerseys in general keeps growing, while prices are also reaching new all time highs.

Fake Football Shirt Market

Check out these images of the raid.

Football shirts are a big business nowadays, and fakers from Southeast Asia will produce every single kit, even concepts they can find online. It is no secret that the football shirt business is growing yearly, while prices for shirts are rising.

Of course, this means that the demand for fake football equipment is also increasing, and there are various reasons why people intentionally buy fake shirts.

Seized fake football equipment in Cambodia

Obviously, they are a cheap alternative if you want to buy a new kit. Secondly, fakers offer the jerseys earlier than official retailers as they have access to leaks online, and they even produce popular concept kits.

Lastly, there are also individuals who brag about buying a new jersey off of DH Gate so the club owners do not profit. In this case, it is a Manchester United supporter who does not want to support the Glazer family financially.

However, there are also some strong reasons why you should not buy fake football shirts. The most important aspect is that fake shirts do not have any resell value , and the production quality is worse.

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