FC Annecy Reveal New Logo

We have news from France as Ligue 2 side, FC Annecy, have recently revealed their new club crest.

New FC Annecy Logo

FC Annecy's new crest sees a complete redesign of the old logo. A red hexagonal shape is now used in place of the circle with the red and white stripes down away with.

The old stylized 'FC' has also been changed and now incorporates an 'A' as well. 'Annecy' is written above these three letters, meaning the founding year, 1927, now occupies a place near the bottom of the crest.

A white outline that is interrupted by the year surrounds all the elements with a small version of Annecy's flag completing the look.

Oddly enough, this logo change goes against the current trend. Various different shapes are often redesigned to fit a circular shape and become a roundel.

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