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Freiburg 22-23 Home, Away and Third Kits Released

SC Freiburg's new 2022-2023 home, away and third jerseys were teased this week, with the club announcing the upcoming reveal. They are made by Nike and will be worn in next season's Bundesliga campaign.

Freiburg 22-23 Home Kit

This is the SC Freiburg 2022-2023 home shirt, made by Nike.

The Nike SC Freiburg home 2022-2023 jersey is based on Nike's 22-23 'B team' template, which has gone out to the likes of Birmingham, Augsburg and Leipzig already.

There are six thin white stripes on the front, split down the middle, making it feel like the central one is missing. A round collar and regular sleeve cuffs in white are also included with a stripe running down each side of the kit.

Between the two most central stripes, there is a broader stripe, however it is made up of thin diagonal white lines and fades into red before reaching the top. A black Nike Swoosh rounds off the design with Cazoo luckily opting for a white outline rather than a large, disruptive rectangle.

Red shorts and socks round off the look of the new SC Freiburg 2022-23 home kit by Nike.

Freiburg 22-23 Away Kit

Here is the new Freiburg away kit.

The Nike SC Freiburg away 2022-2023 shirt is mainly black, featuring a much more coherent graphic. Black and grey are combined in diagonal striped sections, always fading towards the right side of the kit.

This shirt is also clearly based on Nike's 22-23 'B team' template.

Black shorts and socks round off Nike's Freiburg 2022-23 away kit.

Freiburg 22-23 Third Kit

This is the Freiburg 2022-2023 third jersey, made by Nike.

Like last season, the Nike Freiburg 22-23 third shirt is based on standard teamwear. This is the new Nike Academy jersey in white and black, which has a barcode-like pattern on the sleeves.

At the bottom right there is also a subtle repeating print of the Greif, the bird pictured in Freiburg's crest, placed all over the white base. Freiburg's founding year, 1904, is inscribed at the back of the collar in black.

Nike combines the Freiburg 2022-2023 third shirt with white shorts and socks.

The Nike Freiburg 2022-2023 shirts will be available from July 1.

What do you think about SC Freiburg's home, away and third jerseys? Comment below.