Napoli President: "Maybe 12 or 13 Kits Again This Season", Home Kit Release Date Revealed

Update: Napoli Owner, Aurelio Di Laurentiis, has once again given some updates on the club's kits for the upcoming 22-23 season. He said in an interview that with Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli that the club's home shirt will be released this Wednesday, the 27th of July. It will of course be blue, while the away shirt will be white. The colours of the goalkeeper shirts have also come to light: one will be green, the other fuchsia.

The most interesting comment made by Di Laurentiis was in relation to the number of kits Napoli will release this season:

"Last year we had 12 or 13 jerseys, this year maybe it will be the same".

Aside from another Halloween shirt, no information is known at this point about what other special releases will be made, but by the sounds of it there will be plenty to come. The home shirt will be debuted in a friendly against Adana Demirspor on Wednesday.

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Original Article:Napoli Owner, Aurelio De Laurentiis, has spoken about the club's kits for next season, saying they will once again be designed by EA7 and will be revealed in July or possibly even sooner, as well as discussing other details. Thanks to @TutelaMagliaNA for bringing the comments to our attention and for his own additional input.

Napoli owner Aurelio De Laurentiis

EA7 to continue as Napoli Kit Maker

De Laurentiis stated during a press conference that he has seen and approved kit designs by EA7 for next season, and that he is happy that the deal will continue. The new shirts will be unveiled during the club's pre-season preparations, if not earlier. As is tradition, Napoli will hold their training camp in the northern Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige, something they've done each summer for the last eleven years.

We can expect to see the new Napoli kits by July 19th at the latest.

De Laurentiis met with other brands in Europe but was "very disappointed" and "would never have worn" any of the designs he was shown. He did not name the brands in question.

Home Kit to be Worn More Frequently

He also commented that in the 22-23 season Napoli must wear their blue home shirt in 60%-70% of games, as it is an important symbol of the club. The graphic above, made by @TutelaMagliaNA shows a breakdown of how often each of Napoli's many kits was worn in the 21-22 campaign, with the home shirt appearing in less than 50% of all games. Could this mean that we won't see quite as many shirts released by the club next season?

Special Kits and Improved Organisation

Napoli's numerous kits in the 21-22 season were very often produced at the last minute, with long delays before they were made available to buy. The club seem to have learned from their mistakes as their base set of kits have reportedly been ready since April of this year and will be delivered to authorised retailers in June.

As for additional releases, it is known that there will definitely be a Halloween special edition shirt, as there was in the 21-22 season. Prototypes have already been created for this. As for other special kits, it is unknown how many there will be in total.

De Laurentiis did not comment on the shirt sponsor situation for the 22-23 season, but as the kits will have a relatively early release, we will not have to wait too long to find out about that.

What do you think about EA7 providing the Napoli's kits again next season? Would you prefer to see them with another brand? Share your thoughts below.