SSC Napoli 21-22 Replica Kit Finally Available to Buy - Bleached Out Gold Color?

Update: SSC Napoli's 21-22 European replica home shirt is now available to buy. It appears that the shade of gold is paler than on the official match version.

The quality of both replica versions seems to be somewhat inferior to that of the official match versions.

SSC Napoli’s replica kit produced by EA7 is finally available to buy, a full seven months into the season.

Replica Kit Less Than Half The Price of Offical Player Kit

Napoli have featured regularly on the site this season as they have released no less than 12 different outfield jerseys, yet until now only the official player-standard versions have been on sale. Most cost an astronomical €125, while the special Maradona editions will set you back €150 each. As of today the replica version is now on sale from Amazon, costing a much more reasonable €45.

The replica is not yet available to buy on the official club store website or in physical shops, but it should be relatively soon. Amazon have a sponsorship deal with Napoli, their logo featuring on the left sleeve of all their match shirts, so it’s not surprising that they are the first to have the replica version in stock.

Lower Quality Material?

The replica is made of a different material than the match version, with a shinier appearance and smoother overall texture. The sponsor logos are printed into the material as opposed to being heat pressed on the player version, but the club badge is stitched on both types of jersey.

The European and Serie A home replicas are the only ones listed on the site for now. It remains to be seen if and when the others will be made available.

How do you think the quality of the replica compares to the official match shirt? Let us know in the comments.