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Nürnberg 2022-23 Home Kit Evokes Memories of Bayern 2001-03 Kit

On Sunday, Nürnberg released their new Adidas 2022-23 home jersey. As spotted by many in the kit community, it features some similarities to Bayern's home kit from the early 2000s.

Even though Bayern München are much more successful and bigger than Nürnberg, there is a rivalry between both clubs from the Free State of Bavaria. The Franconian-Bavarian derby is the name given to soccer matches between the two most successful clubs in the Free State of Bavaria. The Franconian-Bavarian derby - also called Bayernderby or Südderby - is the second most frequently played soccer derby in Germany after the Franconian derby.

Nürnberg 22-23 Home Kit vs Bayern Munich 2001-03 Home Kit

The Nürnberg 2022-2023 home kit looks almost identical to Bayern's 20-year-old jersey at first glance. The main difference is that the sleeves of Nürnberg's kit are black and not navy.

Nuremberg have had two Adidas jerseys with contrasting black sleeves in the 2000s, combined with a standard red.

The Nürnberg 2022-23 home jersey has been created using Adidas' service miTeam.

In fact, Nürnberg did not announce what inspired their 2022-2023 home kit, just that "our heart beats re and black in Nürnberg".

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What do you think of Nürnberg's 2022-23 home kit? Would you like Bayern to bring back the red and navy design of 2001-2003? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.