Swansea City 22-23 Away & Goalkeeper Kits Released

We have kit news from Championship today as Swansea have launched their new Joma 2022-23 away and goalkeeper jerseys today.

Swansea City 22-23 Away Kit
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Swansea City 22-23 Away Kit

This is the Swansea 22-23 away jersey, made by Joma.

Introducing a striking design, the Joma Swansea City A.F.C. 2022-23 away football shirt is mainly orange with vibrant white raglan sleeves which feature a royal blue / orange graphic pattern on top.

This look is more or less directly inspired by the club's 1993-95 away jersey made by Matchwinner. One side stripe on each side rounds off the look.

The collar is white at the front and blue with white trim at the back, while the sleeve cuffs are solid blue. All sponsor logos on the chest of the Joma Swansea City 2022-2023 away jersey are blue as well.

Royal blue shorts and orange socks complete the new Joma Swansea City 22-23 away kit.

Swansea City 22-23 Goalkeeper Kit

This is the Swansea City 2022-23 goalkeeper shirt, made by Joma.

The Joma Swansea City 2022-23 goalkeeper football shirt is yellow with a black graphic design and black sponsor logos. The V-neck and sleeve cuffs are yellow too.

Joma combines the Swansea City A.F.C. 2022-2023 goalkeeper shirt with yellow shorts and socks.

The Joma Swansea 2022-23 away and goalkeeper football shirts are available since June 17, retailing at £48.

Swansea City 22-23 Away Kit
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