The Most Subtle Change Yet? Crystal Palace Update Club Crest

Crystal Palace today unveiled their updated crest, with only one detail changing from the previous version. The foundation year of 1905 has been replaced by 1861, following extensive research by the club's historian.

Crystal Palace Update Crest - 1861 Instead of 1905

The updated logo is identical to the previous version in every sense apart from the year that is shown at the centre. The year 1905 was when the professional football club was formed, but the original Crystal Palace Cricket Club was founded almost 50 years prior to this in 1857. Club historian, Peter Manning, traced the history of the early days of the cricket club and found that some of its members founded an amateur football team in 1861. According to the club:

"a direct lineage has been established between the amateur team and the professional club set up by the Crystal Palace Company in the early 20th century, making it the oldest league club in existence still playing professional football."The overall aesthetic design of the badge remains the same as it has been since the 2013 redesign, with the change only noticeable from very close range. It is a rare case of a club going back even further into their history when modifying their badge, rather than trying to modernise it or even get ahead of the times with a new crest. The updated badge will feature on the club's shirts from the 22-23 season.

Simplified, classic and "shield" versions of the updated crest

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