Worst Rebranding Ever? - New Cercle Brugge Logo Revealed

In recent weeks, we have seen many new club crests be released for the coming 2022-23 season. Today, another club, this time from Belgium, revealed a revolutionary new look.

Cercle Brugge's New Crest

Designed by the Skinn Branding Agency from Bruges, a bold redesign of the old Cercle Brugge crest is attempted.

The first major change is the lack of a green background. The new Cercle logo can now be placed on different colored backgrounds, most likely black or white.

The crown on top of the old 'C' has also been done away with, however, the central pentagon shape remains intact. The simple 'C' that once surrounded it also remains, it is now formed by the word 'Cercle'.

Apart from the new shapes in the logo, the colors have also been altered. The entire logo now comes in a luminous shade of green, with the background often shown in black.

As was to be expected with such a drastic redesign, fans made their outrage known online. Rival club Beerschot even jokingly replied with a logo change of their own.

Communication manager Louis-Philippe Depondt: “We wanted to honor our Bruges heritage, but above all show that we are no longer an underdog, but we do want to be assertive and eye-catching. Our name as well as our color are unique. Only Cercle plays in green and black and all other teams are clubs, but we are simply Cercle. We want to project that even more with our new logo.”

Club officials say they were aware of the fact that this rebrand would be met by a lot of criticism, but they nonetheless want to head into a new era with a new look.

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