Cosenza 22-23 Home Kit Released

Cosenza's new 2022-23 home shirt was released today. It is made by Nike and will be worn in next season's Serie B campaign.

Cosenza 22-23 Home Kit

This is the new Nike Cosenza home jersey for 2022-2023.

The Nike Cosenza 2022-2023 football shirt uses Nike's notorious "off-centre" half and half template in the club's colours of navy and red, with the interesting addition of a gold stripe a couple of centimetres from the red half of the shirt. This feature offsets the asymmetry nicely and shows how a simple change or addition can make a big difference to template-based shirts. The sleeves are also alternate colours, while the v neck colar and back are solid navy.

Navy shorts and socks complete the new Nike Cosenza 2022-2023 home kit.

Made by Nike. What do you think about Cosenza's home kit? Comment below.