Fenerbahce Continue Fight for 5 Stars on Kits

In a move that will certainly anger fans from the league's other teams and maybe even the league themselves, Fenerbahce have recently updated their social media profile pictures to include five stars above the crest.

This move is a continuation of Fenerbahçe President Ali Koc's efforts to get the league recognize nine league titles the club won before the Turkish Süper Lig was established in 1959. In Turkey, teams are allowed to add one star for every five titles they have won. Fenerbahce won the league 19 times since 1959, and claim to have won it another nine times prior to that year - although how much those competitions reflected a Turkish league is hotly debated outside the club.

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Starting last season, Fener decided to not include any stars above their crest on their match kits, while Koc in May announced that they would unilaterally put five stars on the kits starting in 2023-24.

It remains to be seen whether this move will help Fenerbahce get official recognition for the titles won before 1959.

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