Venezia 22-23 Away Kit Evokes Memories of Werder Bremen

Last Thursday, Italian club Venezia released the club's new 2022-23 away jersey. It evokes memories of German club Werder Bremen and their Nike kit from more than 10 years ago.

Venezia 22-23 Away Kit Vs Werder Bremen 09-10 Away Kit

Like the Nike Werder Bremen 2009-2010 kit, the Kappa Venezia 22-23 away kit combines a white base with orange and green. Both kits have orange pinstripes - Venezia's jersey has green stripes between the orange as well.

We imagined how the Venezia 2022-2023 away shirt would look for Bremen featuring the Werder crest and the lettering "Freie Hansestadt Bremen" (Free Hanseatic City of Bremen) instead of "Città di Venezia" (City of Venezia).

Bremen were used to use a similar color scheme as Venezia until the mid-2010s - green, orange, and white/black. In the past years, Bremen stopped using orange for their kits, unfortunately for many kit fans.

In fact, Bremen were sponsored by Kappa in the 2000s. The Kappa Werder Bremen kits of that time would greatly fit Venezia nowadays.

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What do you think of Venezia's 2022-23 away kit? Would you like Werder Bremen to use orange again? Would you like the German team to be sponsored by Kappa again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.