Adidas 22-23 Brazilian Teams Third Kits Released

On Friday, Adidas have released new third kits for four of their five Brazilian teams - Cruzeiro, Flamengo, Internacional, and Sao Paulo. We take a closer look at them.

Since last month, Adidas also make the kits for Atletico Mineiro. The brand did just release new home and away kits so the launch of the third kit will take place later.

Adidas 2022-2023 Brazilian Third Kits

Each of the new Adidas third jerseys incorporates at least one traditional color of each team - blue for Cruzeiro, red and black for Flamengo, red for Internacional, and white, red & black for Sao Paulo.

Design-wise, all except Flamengo's 2022-23 third kit are simple. Flamengo's 2022-23 third kit was originally supposed to be the club's new home shirt.

Cruzeiro 22-23 Third Kit

The Adidas Cruzeiro Esporte Clube 2022-2023 third jersey is yellow with blue and white trim, featuring a bespoke although basic look.

Flamengo 22-23 Third Kit

The Adidas Flamengo 2022-23 third football shirt introduces a 'fresh' take on the club's trademark black and red hoops.

Internacional 22-23 Third Kit

Introducing a simple, no-nonsense look, the Adidas Internacional 2022-23 third jersey is mainly black with red, green and yellow accents.

Sao Paulo 22-23 Third Kit

The Adidas São Paulo 22-23 third jersey celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Copa Libertadores and Club World Cup titles. It is inspired by the jacket worn by the players and coaching staff in 1992 when the club defeated Barcelona.

All four kits are already available R$ 299.99 (60 USD) in Adidas' Brazilian online store.

Cruzeiro, Flamengo, Internacional, or Sao Paulo? Which of the four kits is your favorite? Comment below.