Allan Saint-Maximin Stops Wearing Louis Vuitton Headbands

Newcastle United striker Allan Saint-Maximin is one of the most stylish football players in the Premier League as he is often seen wearing headbands made by popular fashion brands like Louis Vuitton on the pitch.

However, in his last few games for Newcastle the French striker decided not to wear any flamboyant headgear, while he still rocks fashion brands off the pitch. Let us find out what this is all about below.

Allan Saint-Maximin Plays Without A Headband

Check out some images of Allan Saint-Maximin in action against the reigning Premier League champions.

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Allan Saint-Maximin played on the left wing against Manchester City and put in a big shift to help his team win a point against Manchester City. Interestingly, Allan Saint-Maximin did not wear any headband.

The last time Allan Saint-Maximin wore a headband was against Nottingham Forest on the first matchday of the 2022-23 Premier League campaign. We do not know why the French striker currently does not wear a headband, but perhaps his personality changed.

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