Best Full Kangaroo Leather Boots? Japanese Brand Adler Release Yatagarashu Boots

In 2023, Adidas are reportedly ditching the kangaroo leather of their Copa football boots. There will still be quite a few kangaroo leather boots available on the market, including the Nike Tiempo Legend and Puma King Pro. A small boots brand from Japan, called Adler, now released a Kangaroo leather boot that might be one of the best on the market, especially for traditionalists. Thanks to Japanese boots experts Gaijin Boot Blog for info.

Adler completed revamped their boot line-up in 2022

Adler are a Japanese football boots brand founded in 1955. They were known for inexpensive yet good boots but were not viewed on the same level as other Japanese brands like Mizuno and Athleta. In 2022, they make a big comeback with a complete revamp of their boot line-up - they launched four new boot models.

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Adler Yatagarashu 2022 Football Boots

The Adidas Yatagarasu are the brand's top football boots model, available in three different no-nonsense colorways - black, red, and white.

As easily visible in the pictures, the Adler Yatagarashu soccer cleats are made for full comfort and touch. They feature a full Kangaroo leather upper, designed to fit like a second skin.

Adler do not save on the amount of leather used

In contrast to the 2022 Kangaroo leather cleats of Adidas, Nike, and Puma, Adler do not save on the amount of leather used.

While the boot is surely very classic, there are some hidden modern features to bring them on the same level as other modern Kangaroo leather high-end boots. This includes a KaRVO midsole, ReaLine insoles, and Itogo laces.

The midsole is made from a material KaRVO, which functions similarly to carbon fiber. The KaRVO midsole in the Yatagarashu offers a springback when running and sprinting and reduces fatigue.

The ReaLine insole is designed to provide more support to the foot and arch. The laces are made by the Japanese company Itogo. They allow for a tightly bound that does not loosen up, a well-known problem with boots like the Copa Mundial.

Adler Yatagarasu - Features

  • Handcrafted in Japan
  • Classic kangaroo leather football boot with some hidden modern features
  • Full kangaroo leather upper
  • KaRVO midsole for springback similar to carbon fiber
  • ReaLine insole for more support
  • Itogo laces
  • Only available in Japan yet
  • Price: 25.300 Yen (187 USD)
  • Colorway: Three Colorways Available - Black, White & Red
  • Release date: July 2022

So far, Adler's football boots are only available in Japan. The Yatagarashu top model retails at a price of 25.300 Yen (187 USD).

Would you like to try Adler's kangaroo leather football boots? Do you like the look of Adler's kangaroo leather football boots? Comment below, and check out a full review on Gaijin Boots Blog.