Ghana 2022 World Cup Away Kit Released

The new Ghana away jersey was released today. It is made by Puma and will be worn in the 2022 World Cup.

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Ghana 2022 World Cup Away Kit

Check out Puma's Ghana 2022 World Cup away jersey below.

Introducing a striking look, the Puma Ghana 2022 World Cup away shirt is mainly red with a slightly darker central vertical stripe on the front. Puma's logo sits inside said stripe, and is yellow, while it is also present on each sleeve.

The sleeeve cuffs combine red, yellow and green with the crew-neck collar being solid red. However, the most interesting aspect of the Puma Ghana 2022 World Cup away football shirt is the yellow box with a green border on the front.

A part of this box is completely yellow and holds the writing 'Ghana', a black star and the crest of Ghana's football association. Additionally, there are red and green geometric shapes reminiscent of mountains inside the box.

Made by Puma. What's your opinion on Ghana's World Cup away jersey? Comment below.