Italy Have 4 Matches Left With Puma Kits

Update: Italy will face England in their fourth-last match wearing Puma kits before Adidas will take over. Italy will wear their traditional blue home kit, while England will debut their new Nike 2022 World Cup home kit.

No World Cup: Italy will still have two friendlies in November 2022

Despite not playing in the 2022 World Cup, the Italian national team have arranged two friendlies in November 2022. They will face Albania and Austria - they will be the away team in both matches. It remains to be seen if Italy will ever wear their new Puma 2022 away kit. We strongly expect so.

25 August 2022: Italy Just Have Two Matches Left With Puma Kits

Puma's long-term sponsorship of the Italian national football teams will end after 20 years, in December 2022. And while the first-ever modern Adidas Italy jerseys will not be released before February/March 2023, the Italian national teams won't play many more games with Puma...

Exclusive: All-New Italy Logo Leaked

Puma's Italy 2022 Away Kit Will Be Worn by The Men's Team in 1 or 2 Matches Only

As Italy's Men's team missed out the 2022 World Cup, they have just two matches left with Puma - at home against England (23 September) and away at Hungary (26 September).

Italy 2022 Away Kit Leaked on Twitter - Last-Ever By Puma

Italy could debut the new away kit at home against EnglandDespite Italy having failed to qualify for the Men's 2022 World Cup, Puma are still going to release a new Italy 2022 away kit. We expect to be worn in at least one fixture of the Italian Men's national team, possibly already at home against England.

Meanwhile, Italy's Women's team have up to six matches left wearing Puma. Two of them are already scheduled, in the FIFA 2023 World Cup qualifiers against Moldova (2 September) and Romania (6 September).

Adidas Italy 2023 Home & Away Kits - to Be Released February 2023?

Exclusive: Adidas Italy 2023 Home & Away Kits Info Leaked - All-New Italy Logo

Adidas are going to release the inaugural Italy kits in early 2023. We expect the Adidas Italy 2023 uniforms to be launched in February 2023, set to be debuted by the Women's team in mid-February 2023.

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