Exclusive: All-New Italy Logo Leaked

Update: We have an important update regarding the all-new Italy 2023 logo. There will be different colorways of the crest, as in the case with the logo of the federation launched in October 2021. Adidas will use the version with a blue shield, rounded off with white and gold details for the Italy 2023 home kit. We have imagined some colorways.

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) are set to release a new logo for the Italian national football team, we can leak. It will be used from 2023 when Adidas become the new supplier of the country.

Italy 2023 Crest

This image shows the new Italy crest for 2023 and beyond.

The new logo of the Italian national football team follows the scheme of the recently launched Italian FA logo. It is very different from the logo launched in 2017.

New Italy FA Logo Unveiled

The new logo makes its debut on the Adidas 2023 kitsThe new Italy national team logo has a different shape, colors, and a different font. The old FIGC brand is gone, of course. All in all, it is more classic than the old crest but still modern.

Another important change is that the four stars are now blue. We expect them to be tonal and less visible on the kits in the future, similar to England are handling it.

There are different colorways of the crest - the most important one is the alternative "blue" version but there will be more like navy.

Italy's new crest makes its debut on the Adidas Italy 2023 kits.

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