All-New Italy Logo Released

Update: The Italian Football Federation has shown off four versions of the Italy national team 2023 logo. However, as visible on the leaked Adidas Italy 2023 kits, the logo will be also partly recolored depending on the kits' colors.

Adidas Italy 2023 Logos - Official Recolored Versions

Adidas Italy 2023 Logo on Adidas 2023 Home & Away Kits

The Adidas Italy 2023 home kit comes with the "standard" version of the new Italy logo, while the away has a special off-white/navy version.

The recolored version has a larger white center flag stripe

What is quite suboptimal is that the recolored logo on the away kit has a larger white center stripe than the one on the home kit.

Confirming our exclusive leak from June 2023, the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) today released the new logo for the Italian national football team.

The launch of the new Italy logo coincides with Adidas becoming the country's new kit maker - the new Italy logo debuts on the first-ever modern Adidas Italy jerseys.

Italy 2023 Crest

This image shows the new Italy crest for 2023 and beyond.

The new logo of the Italian national football team follows the scheme of the recently launched Italian FA logo. It is very different from the logo launched in 2017.

The new logo makes its debut on the Adidas 2023 kits

The new Italy national team logo has a different shape, colors, and a different font. The old FIGC brand is gone, of course. All in all, it is more classic than the old crest but still modern.

Another important change is that the four stars are now blue.

There are different colorways of the crest - the most important one is the alternative "blue" version but there will be more like navy, black, and off-white.

There is even a three-second sound for the logo

Italy National Team Logo - 3-Second Sound

The brand-new Italy sound logo is inspired by the extraordinary emotions of the fans.

New Italy National Team "Anthem/Sound Identity"

The FIGC also unveiled a new sound identity for the Italian National Football Teams. The music system that will feature on every touchpoint, whether physical or digital.

The Sound Identity of the Italian national teams has been created by Inarea Identity Design, an Italian company with international experience in design and brand identity.

It comes in different forms, starting with the new badge’s sound logo, which, in three seconds, summarises the passion that supporters feel for the Azzurri and Azzurre. There are also all the different variations for the various physical and digital touchpoints, as well as the entire track with the title ‘Azzurri’, composed and produced by Enrico Giaretta and Maurizio D’Aniello.

Italy Logo History

Italy's new crest makes its debut on the Adidas Italy 2023 kits.

“We are ready for the future,” said FIGC President Gabriele Gravina. “Today, we present the new image of the Italian National Teams; with this new badge and new sound identity, the latter of which has been created for the first time in history, we are entering a new realm. However, we still have that same desire to generate extraordinary emotions in all our fans. It is these emotions that have helped create the new badge that will appear on our shirts, renewing a glorious tradition in the process, and which provided the inspiration for the brand-new sound logo and ‘Azzurri’ track.”

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