Lecce Unveil New Signings in Old 21-22 Shirts

We've spotted some unusual kit activity in Italy, as all of Serie A side Lecce's new signings have been presented wearing last season's kit, despite their 22-23 kits being launched at the beginning of June.

Lecce Present New Signings in Old Kits

Lecce released their 22-23 home, away and third kits back in June with a low-key launch, showing off basic renders of their in-house kits with only a couple of shots of the real jerseys from a very simple photoshoot. They started pre-season in their 21-22 kits, suggesting that maybe there were some delays or production issues with the new shirts, but the initial launch photos prove that they were able to get their hands on at least a few sample 22-23 jerseys, but maybe not a large amount.

22-23 kit.

They finally debuted their new home kit on the 5th of August in a friendly against Citadella. Interestingly, the shirts they played in had an alternate manufacturer logo - in-house brand M908 - to the one featured in the kit launch. At this point it was clear that they had access to a reasonable number of 22-23 shirts, but they continued to present new signings in the 21-22 kits nonetheless.

New signings wearing the 21-22 kit for their presentations.

Nowadays, player unveilings often serve as a sort of secondary kit launch, an easy way to advertise and attract attention to the new releases. Considering the initial launch was very understated, Lecce's decision to use their old shirts for these occasions is hard to fathom. Supply issues would be the logical explanation, but as outlined above, it doesn't seem to be the case here. Another possibility is that they want to use leftover shirts from last season in order to prevent them going to waste.

Why do you think Lecce haven't been using their new kits to present their new signings? Let's hear your theories in the comments.