No More Puma - Adidas Italy 2023 Training Shirt Leaked

We can leak Italy's new 2023 training kit. It is made by Adidas, who replace Puma.

Italy 2023 Training Kit

This is the new Adidas Italy training jersey for 2023.

The Adidas Italy 2023 training football shirt has a modern design in off-white and anthracite. The new Adidas logo sits on the right chest, the new Italy national team crest is on the left chest.

What is most interesting about the shirt itself are the Three Stripes. They go from 2/3 to the end of the sleeves.

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The Adidas Italy 2023 training shirt is not available to purchase before March 2023.

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No More Puma - Adidas Italy 2023 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked

Made by Adidas. Do you like Italy's training jersey? Comment below.