Store Return 22-23 Kits for Free if Player Still Leaves Club This Transfer Window

Did you ever buy a new football shirt from a player who would soon after leave the club? There is now a store that secures your shirt purchase if this happens.

Transfer Shield: Kitbag Replace Player-Printed Shirt For Free If Player Changes Team

Global online retailer Fanatics (who also run Kitbag) are offering a so-called "Transfer Shield" this season. Kitbag will replace any player-printed shirt for FREE if that player changes teams within 90 days of your purchase.

An example shows off how Transfer Shield works: When Cristiano Ronaldo moved from Juventus to Manchester United, if you qualify for Transfer Shield you can have a replacement shirt of another player in the Juventus squad, or a Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United shirt. The new shirt will be the exact same type of shirt.

Examples of "protected" shirts

The shirt you bought is covered under Transfer Shield for ninety (90) days following your purchase, meaning that it covers the length of the summer transfer window. For player movement claims, you have fourteen (14) days to file a claim after the transfer is officially announced by the Club.

You won't get two shirtsTransfer Shield covers any permanent player movement as a result of a transfer, for any official squad member according to the dropdown list of players on-site at the time of purchase.

There are several exclusions like loan deals but the main claim remains correct.

Transfer Shield

  • Protects purchased shirts in case player leaves club - new shirt if player leaves club
  • Replacement shirt of same team or shirt of player's new team

Transfer Shield: What Is Covered?

  • Any permanent player movement as a result of a transfer
  • Player print must have been available offered by the site or via the dropdown list of the site at time of purchase
  • Valid for 90 days following your purchase

Transfer Shield: What is not covered?

  • Transfer Shield does not cover the following:
  • Any player item that is not an official team shirt (i.e., shorts, socks, training range or other player product are excluded from the Transfer Shield programme)
  • Printing of a name not included in the squad list (i.e. customised name & number)
  • Any players who leaves the Club due to contract expiry/release/, retirement, injury, dismissal or anything similar
  • Player number changes within the same team
  • Autographed shirts
  • Changes to the team’s shirt (i.e. change of sponsor or logo)
  • Any Loan signings/transfers

It is not possible to keep the "wrong" shirt with the old player's name. You have to send it back in order to get the new shirt.

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