Unacceptable From Puma: Spain’s Women’s First League Get Third-Tier Ball

Puma have sent Spain’s first Women’s league third-tier footballs, according to information from industry expert @PedroMayo25.

Spain's Women's first league enter their first independent seasonFrom the 2022-2023 season, there is an important change in Spain’s Women’s football and their Spain’s Primera División de la Liga de Fútbol Femenino (Spain’s Women’s first division - LPFF). While the league is still part of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), it is now structurally independent and free to sign own deals.

LaLiga just became the exclusive commercial agent of LPFF for five years. The first deal of the partnership is with Puma, who became the official ball supplier for at least one season (replacing RFEF sponsor Adidas).

Puma replace Adidas as the league-wide supplier

Spain’s Women’s First Division Get FIFA BASIC Quality Balls

Puma did not send the teams the high-end Puma Orbita FIFA Quality Pro Match Ball but the cheap Puma Orbita 4 with FIFA BASIC quality.

There exist three FIFA quality marks (levels) in the FIFA Quality Programme for Footballs. FIFA QUALITY PRO, FIFA QUALITY, and FIFA BASIC. All balls used in international matches organized by FIFA or the confederations have to bear a FIFA quality mark.

The Puma Orbita 4 HYB is Puma's third-best football on the Orbita pyramidThe Puma Orbita 4 HYB is Puma's third-best football on the Orbita pyramid. It retails at just 35 Euro.

Pedro Mayo calls this act by Puma unacceptable. We can only agree.

What do you think of Puma providing Spain’s first Women’s division with third-tier balls? Comment below.