Adidas Hartberg 22-23 Home Voted Worst Kit of July 2022

Update: The Adidas Hartberg 2022-2023 home kit is your worst kit of July 2022 with 26,5% of all votes. The Nike Tottenham 22-23 away kit comes second (15.1%), the San Sirro Wolfsberg 22-23 home kit comes third (9.3%).

Worst Kit of July 2022 - Top 3

Worst Kit of July 2022 - Results

Continuing our search for the best and worst kits, let us find out which was the worst kit of July 2022.

July 2022 brought us more kit launches than any other month of the year, so there is a large selection of bad kits.

Footy Headlines Worst Kit of July 2022

The possibly most controversial kits of July 2022 have been the Nike Liverpool and Tottenham 22-23 away kits, which both feature bold looks. However, there have been many more distasteful kits.

For example, various Austrian Bundesliga teams released kits "covered" with sponsors, and teams like Everton, Doncaster, Utrecht and Sint-Truiden launched extraordinary yet horrific kits.

Voting for the worst kit for July 2022 will end on Sunday, July 7.

Which was the worst kit of July 2022? Comment below, and make sure to also vote for the Best Kit of July 2022.