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Adidas "Monopolized" 1974 World Cup Kit Battle

Ever wondered which brand were the leading kit supplier 50 years ago? Thanks to Football Kit Archive, our website about classic football shirts, it is easy to see that the Three Stripes brand had practically a monopoly back then.

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1974 World Cup Kit Battle

Adidas made the kits for 12 of the 16 1974 World Cup teams, including champions Germany and runners-up the Netherlands.

Only 4 teams were not supplied by Adidas - Australia, Scotland (Umbro), Brazil (Athleta), and East Germany (DDR - in-house).

However, not all kits featured visible brandings. For example, Germany's kits featured no Three Stripes and no Adidas logo. Their off-pitch and training wear featured Adidas brandings.

Dutch superstar Johann Cryuff famously refused to wear Three Stripes and only wore two stripes. He was sponsored by Puma.

1974 World Cup Home Kits

2022 World Cup Kit Battle

In the 2022 World Cup, Adidas are only second when it comes to the number of teams. Nike clearly lead with 13 teams - Adidas just make the kits for 7 teams.

Are you surprised to see Adidas sponsoring almost all teams in the 1974 World Cup? Comment below, and check out all World Cup kits and brand battles on Football Kit Archive.