Adidas Must Be Allowed to Bring Back Uninterrupted 3 Stripes

The Adidas 2022 World Cup kits have been a huge success, with Adidas kits rated much better than those of Nike and Puma. Some of Adidas' 2022 World Cup kits could have been better with a simple change that is not allowed by FIFA.

Adidas 2022 World Cup Concept With Full 3 Stripes

The Adidas 2022 World Cup kits do not feature continuous Three Stripes, just as in the past few years. Instead, they end at around 60% of the sleeves. The reason is simple - FIFA force kits to have a "Free Zone" on the sleeves.

FIFA released their new Equipment Regulations this June

The "Sleeve Free Zone" was introduced by UEFA and FIFA in 2008. Adidas are not allowed to release kits with continuous Three Stripes on the sleeves since then.

For example, the Argentina 2006 World Cup away kit had uninterrupted Three Stripes. The FIFA 2006 World Cup badge was placed on the Three Stripes, therefore.

We imagined how some of Adidas' 2022 World Cup kits would look with uninterrupted Three Stripes. These classic Three Stripes look particularly great with Germany's 2022 World Cup kit in the long-sleeved version.

Meanwhile, Argentina's modern 2022 World Cup away kit possibly looks better with the non-full Three Stripes.

Leaked: Adidas to Release Argentina 2022 World Cup Shirt With Uninterrupted 3 Stripes

Indeed, Adidas will release a Fan version of the Argentina 2022 World Cup home kit with uninterrupted Three Stripes. Pictures of it got leaked some weeks ago.

Other brands like Kappa would profit as well

Should FIFA ditch the free zone of the sleeves? Comment below, and check out the recently updated official FIFA Equipment Regulations for all kit rules.