Andres Iniesta Launches Own Football Brand & Boot

Former FC Barcelona superstar Andrés Iniesta has launched its own football brand - Capitten (inspired by the word "Captain"). Capitten debut in the Japanese market with a line of football boots, designed by Iniesta in collaboration with Japanese shoemakers.

Capitten symbolize the values of "humility, sacrifice, hard work and ambition," as well as "unity and teamwork, above the individual," Iniesta said about the brand. Iniesta claims to have been involved "100%" throughout its development process.

Iniesta had been sponsored by Asics from 2018 until 2022

Iniesta also owns a wine company and has launched a sneaker company, Mikakus. He had been sponsored by Nike for the majority of his career, while he joined in Asics in 2018. His partnership with the Japanese brand is now over.

Capitten - Andres Iniesta Launches Own Football Brand

The first and only football boot of Capitten is called "One". The Capitten One soccer cleat is inspired by the football shoes of the 1980s. It features high-quality K-leather forefoot for the perfect fit, touch, and ball control.

The sophisticated and elegant design of an 80s football boot evokes an early era when modern football values ​​flourished.

The outsole is very classic. It is a hybrid sole that uses German-made TPA resin for the base and TPU resin for the studs. In addition, the π at the tip of the stud is made thinner to increase penetration into the ground and achieve a high grip.

The Capitten One is available in three different colorways - a special gold limited-edition version (only in Iniesta's Size 41, 888 pairs worldwide) as well as two standard colorways (black & blue).

"When I stop playing soccer, one way to stay linked to the sport is to have a brand of boots," said Iniesta when asked about the product, which he defined "as the perfect boots".

"It has been a very hard work for many months of the whole team, with the mentality of continuing to work so that the brand continues to be alive for a long time," said Iniesta at the event held at the Tokyo Olympics stadium.

Capitten One Pro White/Blue

Capitten One Pro White/Black

Capitten 2022 T-Shirt & Jersey

Capitten One TF Shoes

The limited-edition "Capitten One 888" is signed by Iniesta and priced at 80,000 yen (about 550 Euro). Parts of the profits will go to Iniesta's Methodology, Iniesta's football scholarship in Japan. The regular colorways of the Capitten One retail at 29,150 yen (about 200 Euro). There are also Turf and Kids' versions available.

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