Andres Iniesta Joins Asics

BREAKING: Andres Iniesta just confirmed his switch from Nike to Asics, posting the following on his official Twitter. He'll wear branded Asics football boots from now on.

Update #3: Andres Iniesta has worn whiteout football boots in Vissel Kobe's 3-5 loss against Kawasaki Frontale. While it was previously not known what exactly his whiteout boots are, the close-up pictures confirm that his whiteout soccer cleats are the Asics X-Fly 3 boots.

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Andres Iniesta Wears Whiteout Asics X-Fly 3 Cleats

Close-up with Andres Iniesta's cleats.

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We expect that Iniesta will officially join Asics in the coming months.

Update #2: Andres Iniesta has debuted the blackout Asics X-Fly 3 soccer cleats in the last league match with Vissel Kobe, pretty much confirming that he has left Nike. It seems to be only a matter of time until Asics will officially announce the deal, similar to Torres' Mizuno boot deal.

Andrés Iniesta Debuts Blackout Asics X-Fly 3 Football Boots

Close-up with Andres Iniesta's boots.

Update: It seem like that Iniesta did not wear blackout Mizuno Morelia Neo II football boots in training but Asics X-Fly 3football boots. Asics is also the kit maker of his team Vissel Kobe, interestingly. Stay tuned for more info in the coming days. Thanks to Botas de Jugadores for the spot.

Some days ago, Fernando Torres debuted whiteout Mizuno football boots in his match with his Japanese club Sagan Tosu. Now former FC Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta has ditched his Nike football boot for what could very well be blackout Mizuno football boots.

Fernando Torres Leaves Adidas For Ultra-Classy Mizuno Boots

Iniesta had always been with Nike during his professional career. He received a special Nike Magista football boot for his last FC Barcelona matches last season. He still laced up in the discontinued Nike Magista football boots for his new club Vissel Kobe this season.

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Andres Iniesta Trains in Blackout Boots - Possible Blackout Mizuno Morelia Neo II

The close-up pictures of Andres Iniesta's cleats do not certainly reveal which cleats he is wearing. However, it seems most likely that the Spanish legend was wearing Mizuno Morelia Neo II soccer cleats with a completely blackout upper.

The Mizuno Morelia Neo II MIJ football boots are made in Japan for quality at the highest level. They feature a super soft premium Kangaroo leather upper while weighing in at just 180 grams, making them one of the lightest K-leather boots available on the market.

The fact that Andres Iniesta wore blackout soccer cleats most likely means that his contract with Nike has ended. It is very well possible that he will join Japanese brand Mizuno, similar to Fernando Torres.

What do you think Andres Iniesta was wearing? What do you think of Mizuno possible signings on Andrés Iniesta and Fernando Torres? Comment below.