Arsenal x Art of Football "Reworked" Collection Released

Art of Football have teamed up with the Gunners for an upcycled collection of accessories made from vintage and unused Arsenal shirts.

Art of Football x Arsenal Upcycled Collection

The upcycling trend in football has been around for a couple of years now, with bucket hats, 5 panel caps, satchels and bum bags some of the most common pieces to be adorned with football club crests, colours and sponsor branding, all taken from old shirts. A great way of making use of damaged jerseys, as obviously only certain parts are needed to create the new item, while also giving the wearer a new way of showing their colours.

Art of Football were some of the first to rework kits in this way and have produced a number of great one-off upcycled pieces in the past, as well as a plenty of original design ideas based on iconic football players, moments and cultural references.

The shirts upcycled to make the new products.

For their latest drop, they have collaborated with Arsenal on a limited set of pieces comprised of bum bags, crossbody bags and bucket hats. Two models of each item are available, made using unsold 21/22 home shorts and vintage 93/94 away shirts. Each item is handmade and so may vary slightly in design from the images shown, meaning that you know you are getting a unique piece.

Bum Bags

Crossbody Bags

Bucket Hats

Those "unique" and "handmade" labels come at a cost however, with each piece priced at either €71 or €77, only available from Arsenal's website.

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