Exclusive: White Barcelona 23-24 Away Kit to Feature Retro Crest

After years of experimental and modern home kits, Barcelona seemingly want to please the purists next season, judging by what we know so far about their plans for 23-24 kits.

In addition to bringing back white away shirts after more than 40 years and approving a traditional three-stripe home shirt, an older version of the club crest will be used for the 23-24 away kit. Big thanks to hfc.

Barcelona to Use 1970s Crest in 23-24 Season

The white FC Barcelona 23-24 home kit will feature a club crest from the 1970s, very likely the logo used in the 1974-75 season.

The white band across the center matches the white base color of the 23-24 away shirt

FC Barcelona 23-24 Home Kit Info Leaked

Barcelona use three different crests in the 70s, as shown above. They finished the decade with something which would remain unchanged until 200, while they began it with a more curvaceous shield shape and additional frills. The crest used in the 74-75 season falls somewhere in between its predecessor and successor in terms of design.

Barcelona 1974-75 Crest - To Feature on 23-24 Away Kit

Compared to the current Barcelona badge, there are a few notable differences. Firstly, the base is visibly wider than the top half, with the curves more pronounced. The shades of blue and red are darker, as is the ball's color, while the central band is white instead of yellow and the font is of course different. The points on the edges are also more numerous and protrusive.

The white band across the center matches the base color of the away shirt. It marks the first time Barcelona have used a retro badge on any of their shirts. The current crest was first worn on the 02-03 away kit, before being used on all outfield and goalkeeper shirts from the 03-04 season onwards.

LEAKED: FC Barcelona 23-24 Away Kit to Be White

2002-Today: All Barcelona home kits with the current logo

We have no info if the Barcelona 23-24 home kit will also feature a retro crest but it is unlikely.

Barcelona have never used an old crest for a kitWhat do you think of Barcelona's decision to use a retro crest for the away kit next season? Would you have liked the home kit to feature a retro crest as well? Let us know in the comments.