Exclusive: FC Barcelona 23-24 Away Kit Info Leaked + Predictions

Update: We can leak many new details about the Nike Barcelona 23-24 away kit.

The first details about the FC Barcelona 23-24 away kit were leaked today by Johan Vehils (@jvehils). According to the report, Joan Laporta's club board approved of the FC Barcelona 23-24 away uniform being white "a few months ago".

FC Barcelona 23-24 Away Kit

The Barcelona 23-24 away kit will be white.

The Barcelona 23-24 away kit is white, combined with a silver Swoosh. We expect the Spotify logo to be blue, even though we can not confirm it yet.

Barcelona used to white change kits until the late 1970s, and the late Johan Cruyff was among the last Barcelona players to wear a white kit in the 1977-78 season.

The classic inspiration is continued in the shorts and socks

The possibly most outstanding feature of Barcelona's 23-24 is the crest. Barcelona will use the 1975-2002 logo instead of the current one.

In terms of the exact design, we expect the Nike FC Barça 23-24 away jersey to be clean. We created three options - one with blue sleeve cuffs, one with blue/red sleeve cuffs as well as an "all-white" concept.

Indeed, the white Barcelona 23-24 away kit has more throwbacks to the kit worn 50 years ago.

Nike combine the Barcelona 23-24 away kit with blue shorts and hooped socked in Blaugrana colors. This is the same color combo worn in the 1970s.

According to the report in Sport, there was some debate within the club prior to approving the Nike Barcelona 2023-24 away jersey, but club sources are confident that it would become "one of the best-selling shirts in history". Those who have the chance to see an early sample of the Nike Barça 23-24 away jersey were reportedly very impressed.

Curiously, there were reports about Barcelona rejecting a proposed white away kit ahead of the 2020-21 season, back when Josep Maria Bartomeu was still in charge.

Barcelona Rejected White 2020-21 Away Kit Proposed by Nike

FC Barcelona 23-24 Home Kit Info Leaked

Made by Nike. What's your verdict on Barcelona getting a white away kit? Comment below.