Errea to Take Over: Kazakhstan Wear Adidas Goalkeeper Kit As Home Kit For 2 Matches

In today's Nations League match against Belarus, Kazakhstan wore a very unusual set of kits. This comes only two days after the nation was announced to be joining UEFA's kit assistance scheme, run by Errea.

Kazakhstan Join Errea But Wear Adidas GK Kits

Based on the AdiPro 20 template, which is intended for goalkeepers, the temporary Adidas Kazakhstan 2022 shirt has a bright shade of yellow ('Shock Yellow') as its base.

Navy is applied for the collar and a thick stripe down each side, as well as for Adidas' branding.

It is likely that this shirt will not be used after this international break, as Errea will be outfitting Kazakhstan from 2023 onwards until at least 2026. This comes as part of the UEFA kit assistance scheme, from which smaller nations benefit, as they receive bespoke designs.

What do you think of Kazakhstan's unusal kits? Do you like the fact that they will be supplied by Errea in the future? Comment below.