Köln 22-23 Esports Kit Released

FC Cologne's new 2022-23 eSports shirt was released today. It is made by Hummel and will be worn in next season's Bundesliga campaign.

Köln 22-23 ESports Kit

This is the Köln 2022-2023 eSports shirt, made by Hummel.

Dubbed the "Kölle by night" kit, the Hummel Köln 2022-2023 eSports shirt has a complex design on the front, featuring a black and white look with a map of the city. The black sleeves and top of the kit have a gradient towards white at the bottom, all logos appearing in white.

The back is much more simple, coming in solid white with Köln's coat of arms taking up a large space under the collar.

The Hummel Köln 2022-23 eSports shirt retails at €69.95.

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