France Have the Best - Nike 2022 World Cup Kits Feature High-Quality Crests

The authentic versions of the new Nike 2022 World Cup kits have some rich-in-details crests.

Nike 2022 International Kits - Crests

The authentic Nike 2022 World Cup jerseys feature head-applied crests, similar as in previous years. A closer look at the logos of France, USA, Netherlands, and Portugal reveals that there are different iterations of the head-applied Nike 2022 crests.

USA, Netherlands, England - Crest With 'Vaporknit' Pattern - Used For Most 22-23 Club Team Kits

The crests of most Nike 2022 World Cup kits are the same that debuted on the Nike 22-23 club kits. They come with an engraved pattern that mimics the Vaporknit pattern.

Authentic Nike 22-23 Kits Feature Unique New Logo Style

France - 'Thick' 3D Crest For Cock - Exclusive to France

France's crest style on the 2022 World Cup kits stands out from the others. It is much thicker, giving the cock a rich-in-detail effect.

Interestingly, both the two stars and the FFF letters are simply head-applied.

Brazil - Standard Heat-Applied Crest Without Rich Details

In contrast to the logos of other nations, Brazil's 2022 World Cup jerseys feature a very standard head-applied crest.

Nike 2022 World Cup Kits - Replica Crests

Meanwhile, the Nike 2022 replica jerseys come with standard stitched crests.

All Nike 2022 World Cup Home & Away Kits Released

Do you like the 3D crest of the France national team 2022 kits? Are you a fan of (high-quality) plastic crests in general? Comment below.