Santos 2022 Third Kit Released

The new Santos FC third kit was released yesterday. It is made by Umbro and will be worn in the 2022 Brasileirão Serie A.

The Santos FC 2022 third strip is part of Umbro's "Nations" series of third shirts for their Brazilian clubs, which pays homage to countries who have played some role in the clubs' respective histories.

Santos 2022 Third Kit

This is the Santos FC 2022 third shirt, made by Umbro.

The Umbro Santos FC 2022 third jersey is black with grey Nigerian tribal patterns on the torso. Santos played Nigeria in 1967 when the country was in the midst of a civil war and the (dubious) story goes that Pele's presence brought about a 48 hour ceasefire so that spectators from both sides of the divide could enjoy the match.

Rather than the Nigerian flag, the date of the famous friendly is written on the back of the Umbro Santos 2022 third shirt with the text “O Dia em que a Guerra Parou” (the day the war stopped). Grey trim is present on the cuffs and collar.

Made by Umbro. What do you think about Santos' third kit? Comment below.