Tottenham 23-24 Kit Design Leaked?

An early leaked image of a Tottenham Hotspur 2023-2024 anthem jacket possibly gives us the first look at the design of a Spurs 23-24 kit, most likely the away variant. Thanks to @KB2X for the leaked image.

Tottenham Nike 2023-24 Anthem Jacket

Check out Nike's Tottenham 2023-24 away anthem jacket below.

The Nike Tottenham Hotspur 2023-24 away anthem jacket boasts a unique look based on the Nike Training template. The jacket combines a dark navy base with white logos. The getir training sponsor logo below the Spurs crest is yellow.

It is not sure but likely that the leaked Tottenham 23-24 anthem jacket shows off the colors and the design of the Tottenham 23-24 away kit, similar as in previous years.

Both in the 21-22 and 22-23 seasons, Nike released Tottenham jackets featuring more or less the same design as the kit. We are quite sure that it will be the same in the 2023-2024 season.

However, it is not certain yet that Spurs' 23-24 away kit will have that graphic design. Nike could also use it for the pre-match jersey only, or just on some parts of the kit.

Tottenham's 23-24 away kit will be released in July 2023, together with the 23-24 away anthem jacket.

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Would you like the Spurs 23-24 away kit to feature that design? Do you forward for more about the Tottenham 2023-24 kits? Let us know in the comments below.