Liverpool 23-24 Training Leaked - Hint At 23-24 Away Kit Colors

Update: Many more pictures of the Nike Liverpool 2022-2023 training collection were shared by LFC kit expert Kyle (@KB2X).

The new pictures of Liverpool's 23-24 training collection give a better look at the new Nike 23-24 training template and the Green Spark color of the Liverpool 23-23 away kit. The green of the Liverpool 23-24 away kit is not a classic green but a modern one.

Liverpool FC's new 2023-2024 training top was leaked via Liverpool FC shirt guru @KB2X. It is made by Nike and will be worn in next season's Premier League campaign.

Liverpool 23-24 Training Kit

Check out Nike's Liverpool Football Club 2023-24 training jersey below.

The Nike Liverpool Football Club 23-24 training football shirt boasts a modern design in silver and black, with a bright green used for the front top collar part. Black is used for the logos and sleeves.

What is more interesting than the design is the Vaporknit pattern and the colors. The Nike Liverpool Football Club 23-24 training shirt gives us the first look at the new Nike 2023-2024 Vaporknit pattern, which is quite different from this season.

The green on the collar part is there not by accident. A similar shade of green is set to be used for the Liverpool 23-24 away shirt.

Liverpool 23-24 Training Pants

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Liverpool Football Club's new 23-24 training strip releases in May/June/July 2022.

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