Wales to Wear Adidas "Replica" Kits in 2022 World Cup, Belgium Upgraded to "Authentic"

The 2022 World Cup brings one change in Adidas' national team pyramid, the launch and on-pitch debut of Adidas' 2022 World Cup kits confirm.

For the 2022 World Cup, Adidas launched a new "Authentic/Player Issue" kit model. The high-end Adidas 2022 World Cup template comes with a new 3D ventilation pattern for optimal breathability, Adidas Heat.Rdy technology, and a new cut.

Adidas 2022 World Cup Kits Pyramid: Wales Only Team to Get No "Authentic" Heat.Rdy Kit

All Adidas 2022 World Cup teams except Wales are on the brand's top-level - their kits are available in the authentic, Heat.Rdy version.

Meanwhile, Wales are on Adidas' second level. Their kits are only available as "Replica". Adidas did also not produce custom "Authentic" player-exclusive kits for Wales - the Wales national team will wear Adidas "replica" kits in the 2022 World Cup, images from Wales' match away against Belgium confirm.

Belgium were upgraded

Belgium are now on the brand's top-level after they received "Replica" kits in the Euro 2020. They debuted their Heat.Rdy 2022 home kit against Wales on Thursday.

Other Adidas teams that only got replica kits are Scotland and certainly Sweden.

Adidas 2022 International Kits - Pyramid

  • AAA Level: Germany, Japan (authentic long-sleeve kits available)
  • Top Level: Belgium, Spain, Argentina, Mexico (authentic kits available)
  • B Level: Scotland, Sweden, Wales (only replica kits available)

Meanwhile, Nike do also not sell authentic versions of all their 2022 World Cup kits - the kits of teams like Qatar and Saudi Arabia are only available as replicas in Nike's store. We expect Nike to create player-exclusive authentic versions for these teams as they did in the Euro 2020.

Puma do only sell authentic kits for Italy but all teams wear the brand's high-end Ultraweave model.

2022 World Cup Kits - Availability of Authentic Models By Brand

  • Adidas: Authentic kits available to buy for all teams except Wales, worn by all teams except Wales
  • Nike: Authentic kits available to buy for most teams, possibly worn by all teams
  • Puma: Authentic kits not available to buy, worn by all teams

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