Adidas Japan 2022 Special-Edition Kit & Collection Released

The Japan national team and Adidas have just launched a unique collection in collaboration with clothing designer Nigo of the brand Human Made.

Japan 2022 Special-Edition Kit
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Inspired by cherry blossoms and Japanese sweets, the Adidas x Nigo x Japan collection features a unique pink-and-green color scheme. Specifically, the colorway draws from the traditional Sakuramochi confection, which consists of a pink rice cake with a red bean paste center and wrapped in a cherry blossom leaf.

The centerpiece of the collection is the football shirt, which retails at 17,600 Yen (120 Euros).

Japan 2022 Special-Edition Kit

This picture shows the unique Adidas x Nigo Japan 2022 special-edition soccer shirt.

Based on the same template as the Japan 2022 World Cup kit, the Adidas Japan 2022 special jersey is cherry pink with green accents in the form of the sleeves and collar. The official colorway of the Adidas x Nigo Japan 2022 special-edition jersey is "Wonder Mauve / Crew Green".

A handwritten sign-off is placed on the inner collar of the new Japan 2022 special-edition shirt while a cherry blossom icon sits on the outside.

"Wonder Mauve" shorts and white socks complete the kit.

The Adidas x Nigo Japan collection includes a few off-pitch items as well: a tracksuit, t-shirt and shorts, two hats and a gym sack. Prices range from 1,870 Yen (13 Euros) for the gym sack to 9,350 Yen (65 Euros) for the track jacket.

Japan 2022 Special-Edition Collection

The Adidas Japan 2022 special-edition collection is available to pre-order on

Japan 2022 Special-Edition Kit
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